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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  February 4, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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around 40 degrees. temperatures dropping quickly. dropping down into mid 20s. clouds will be on the increase. cold, dry conditions will be the rule. for the most part i think the weather is going to hold up again through midday tomorrow around baltimore. coming in out of the south and west the snow begins tomorrow afternoon and will be increasing tomorrow night. we'll have all the storm details coming up. >> thank you. we are getting start on what will be a busy weekend for road crews. don't worry we have your covered all weekend long with live team coverage on air and online.
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>> we'll continue to hold toyota's feet to the fire to make sure that they are doing everything that they said they were going to do. >> major insurers are also planning to hold toyota accountable. several of them are reviewing past accident claims to determine if run away acceleration lead to the accidents. toyota dealers across the country are hard at work fixing the problems with the gas pedals. >> two bolts then plug it back in. that's about it. >> toyota dealers will inall the a tiny steel spacer in hundreds of the customer's cars. toyota says the added spring tension will be enough to prevent the pedals from stick.
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repairs take less than an hour. baltimore county has a new mayor. stephanie rawlings blake has been sworn in as the city's 49th mayor n. a speech she talked about getting right to work tackling the city's problem. she says the budget is her top concern as the city faces a $120 million deficit. baltimore's 4th mayor resigned from office today. sheila dixon was sentenced today on embezzlement charges after she took gift cards earmarked as part as a plea bargain agreement dixon will not serve any jail time but will have to pay back thousands of dollars and perform community service. dixon will be forbidden from working for government and will not be able to run for office for four years. two people awe rested after a crash involving a coach bus and a car. i happened in the towsend circle this afternoon. no word tonight on the condition of the two people injured.
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the primary cause of britney murphy's death was pneumonia and drug intoxication. l.a. county coroner also released results about socialite casey johnson's death. they rule the death was too to her struggle with diabetes. coroner says she died with a lack of insulin. police need you to be your eyes and ears. this week's crime checker is no different.
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we'll take a look at a violent robbery in baltimore county. >> reporter: abc 21 working to keep your community safe. each week we highlight recent crimes hoping to catch criminals and bring them to justice. this week we are focusing on a violent robbery in baltimore county. police need your help accused of helping her boyfriend rob a restaurant. it happened september 9th locateed in the 10,000 block. they stormed into the restaurant and held up several people at gun point. her boyfriend was caught a few weeks later. police recently learned about her involvement in the robbery. she's 5'8" and weighs 140-pounds. a $2,000 reward is being offered. anyone with information on her where abouts is asked to call
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metro crimestoppers. we'll tell you about the shots recommended for adults. when ever a loved one leaves home, it is a little sad. it was no different today d.c. as the zoo said good-bye to their star panda. fort meade it is 36 degrees. snow is on the way. wyatt has the forecast coming up.
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this is more proof that we are paying for healthcare and that it will continue. government figures show by 2011 taxpayers will be paying for half of all healthcare in the u.s. in 2009 the public shelled out $2.9 trillion for medicare and medicare. well it was supposed to be then of a spiritual aweakenning. it sended in death. tonight a popular motivational speaker has been arraigned on manslaughter charges. two pandas make a trip around the world to their new home. how their mission could save their species. [ male announcer ] mark your calendar.
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defense lawyers say ray helped and had a medical staff standing by. >> he had people trained in cpr. >> reporter: the only consolation is james's ray's arrest. >> this is our first step to starting to be able to move on with our lives. >> reporter: ray may await trial in jail. despite building a multimillion self-help empire ray still may have trouble producing the $ $5 million bail. latest on ten americans arrested in haiti after trying to take orphan children into the dominican republic. nine of them have been charged
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with kidnapping. they tried to take children from haiti to the dominican republic when authorities stopped them. each count carries five to 15 years in prison. earthquake in haiti has left more than a million people homeless on the island. many thousands of haitians in the united states are in limbo. they faced deportation before the quake but the obama administration is giving them a reprieve on compassionate grounds. whether that is good idea or what happens next is tonight's question on info does in focus. >> reporter: we all saw the images. >> united states granted temporary status to haitians living in the united states without documentation. >> they receive a work authorization, which enables them to lawfully seek employment in the united states. and also grants them legal status for the duration of their 18-month stay.
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>> reporter: obama administration's new policy is only for those who were here before the earthquake. >> is the united states going to be a welcome mat for people around the globe when there is a tragedy. >> reporter: some americans would like to invite more to seek refuge here. >> how many more can we absorb? what these burden put on the social services system. >> our job is to help them get through the crisis. >> reporter: here at the haitian earthquake resource center in brooklyn, new york haitians can get help for immigration issues. >> people here are sleeping in the street. they don't have food or anything. they would like their family members to come here. >> reporter: in the first few day 100 family come here to utilize the services. many of them new yorkers. some of them illegal immigrants. which is why we are not allowed
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to show you video of the people getting help. >> reporter: 30,000 haitians before slated for deportation before the earthquake. what happens after the 18 months run out. >> there will be a concert benefiting the haitian country. here is a taste of what you can expect to see. tickets are $35. you can find them under links at i heard the wind blows. that's just the beginning of what's to come. >> well deserved. tonight early tomorrow first half of the day before lunchtime we are okay. it is as we go into tomorrow
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night things go downhill. as the powerful storm. it is there with the giant december storm. maybe a little under. >> lovely. >> keep the shovels handy. let's show you what the is the last of one nice day here in baltimore. right now temperatures still not too bad. 37 degrees. latest report from bwi marshall. light west wind. we had plenty sunshine out there. the calm before the storm. it was true today. today a beautiful day across baltimore. you'd never know one of the strongest winter storms is knocking on our door and will be in here in less than 24- hour. that's the case. now i want to take you to new orleans and show you the heavy rain pounding the big easy. they may be getting to root for the superbowl. they are soaked with flooding rain . that's part of the storm headed towards us. it was cold this morning in the
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low 20s today upper 30s close to 40. 38 winchester. no big deal today. tomorrow winter storm warnings up across the state. the entire state of maryland all the way back into northern virginia. kicks in 10:00 tomorrow morning. this will be approaching from the south and west. even though the warning goes into effect at 10:00 a.m. i think the better chance for steady snow comes tomorrow afternoon. take a look at the shaded orange courages. new jersey blizzard warnings and super high winds along the coast. few, thin clouds now. that will change here over the next 12 to 30 hour or so. take a look off to the west. you can see that rain beginning to build in across states that are closer. last night we were looking at texas. now we are looking at tennessee, georgia into south carolina. heavy rain back into alabama. this is coming at us in the form of snow. major storm. two separate areas of low pressure. you see the heavy rain being drawn out of the gulf of
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mexico. that is really the main piece of storm coming at us. there is a secondary low coming out of the colorado area that will be tying into that storm system. it is all tracking toward maryland. a tremendous amount of moisture. the air looks cold enough to all be in the form of snow. it is clear tonight. into the day tomorrow we are looking fine. as we go into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening this is what is knocking on our door. talk about a large storm system. we are talking about chicago, wrapping around baltimore down south to atlanta. that is massive storm. basically the eastern half of the u.s. in some way, shape or form feeling this one. tomorrow night here's what happens in the overnight hours. storm picks up in intensity through the evening lasting overnight. into saturday by 6:00 we'll be dealing with a little bit of snow on the back edge as it moves out to sea. there is a 24-hour period where
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we expect a foot and a half of snow. 18-inches plus looks like a pod bet. tonight 25. clouds increasing. no problems tonight. morning commute tomorrow no problems. it is in the afternoon things go downhill. snow moving in. getting heavier into the evening. in the 20s. that snow will be stick big time. seven-day forecast. you can see what happens. things clear out quickly saturday night. a cold day to dig out on sunday with sunshine. we don't go above freezing until the middle of next week. it looks like yet another snow system headed our way for tuesday. they just keep coming. >> thank you. there was an emotional good- bye today in washington, d.c. as two youngsters left home for a life in china. they are two giant pandas and leaving behind a giant heartache for those who raised them as cubs. it was the last time for one
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big bear hug. >> reporter: today the nation said a tearful farewell to two beloved natives. >> i am sad. i got teared up watching him today. >> reporter: at dulles airport the fed-ex panda team loaded 4- year-old tai shan aboard a plan for a trip to china. tai shan joins another american-born panda from the atlanta zoo. >> it is our first cub. it is hard to see her leave. >> reporter: it is not your typical deportation. tai shan will be sent out to stud to save the species. there are 1600 pandas left. >> we are sad to see him go. we are excited to he's going to china to be part of a breeding program to fill the world with more pandas. >> reporter: he's been a media darling drawing two million visitors in the past two years.
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the baby has a corporate sponsor, memorabilia line and youtube cam. it is a plush life. chinese are giving the pandas new food, new homes and a language tutor to teach them chinese. the two american-born pandas now only respond to english. washington appealed for more time but the chinese government pointed to an agreement saying tai shan was due in china. it was all there in black and white. there was nothing national zoo could do. bracing for a wintry wallop. a look at how people are preparing for the big storm. stephanie rawlings blake is sworn in as the mayor of baltimore. we were there as she convened her first cabinet meeting. live report coming up.
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in health alert most people think of vaccinations for children. failure to get vaccines resulted in thousand of preventable death deaths each year according to a new report. here's timothy johnson. >> reporter: more than 50,000 americans die of illnesses each year that could have been prevented with a vaccine. surprising part is that nearly all of these deaths are in
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adult not children. the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention annual issue annualishly issues new guidelines. some are targeted for seniors. overs provide boosters for immunity thatting might have worn off since childhood. experts say older patients are particularly vulnerable to infectious disease. only 36% get their annual through shot and one third are not vaccinated against pneumonia. part of the problem is many adults do not see a doctor regularly. they may not realize the shots are recommended for them. others lack the health insurance to pay for vaccine. doctors suggest asking your personal physician if you are up-to-date on your shots. and for those that lack health coverage to contact the state health department to see if they offer any vaccine clinics at reduced rates.
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we are getting ready of what could turn out to be a massive storm. latest forecast starts right now. a live look at 695 at liberty road. traffic moving smoothly now. i guess you call this the calm before the storm. what about tomorrow night? good evening. we are gearing up for another winter wallop. wyatt is tracking the system. he is joining us with a look at the first forecast.


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